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5 Music Production Videos You Need To See

Jay Pulman |

So clickbait titles aside, here are 5 music production and performance videos that I thought you needed to see. I spend loads of time watching tutorials, checking out new gear demos, researching techniques and generally geeking out. If you've watched any of my daily studio vids on my CAPSUN Instagram then you'll know what I mean. Inspiration comes in many forms, sometimes you're just one click away from your next idea.

1. Blokdust

You're going to be seeing a lot more of our experiments with Blokdust, the brand new browser based sound creation tool. Time to get creative.

2. Style Guide: House - Part 1 (A History of House Music / The TR-909)

Friend of CPA and all-round studio legend James Wiltshire (Freemasons, F9 Audio) takes us on a journey through the history of House music production in this 2 part series. Get a notepad, show some respect.

3. Gun Fingers

Prolific Insta finger drummer OddKidOut teams up with JBlack in this off the cuff routine sampling TLC's classic 'No Scrubs'. Kids, do your stretches.

4. Pete Rock (nuff said)

Gain some knowledge from legendary hip-hop producer Pete Rock. So natural in the process, so easy with the flow. Watch this and then listen to everything he's ever produced.

5. Haywyre

Ok, so a lot of you might be aware of producer and pianist Haywyre aka Martin Vogt. If you aren't, prepare to have your mind blow. I consider myself able to rip it up on the keys - after watching him perform I feel like I need to go back to school. There are levels people, levels.

Enjoy! If you've got any production or performance videos that you reckon we need to see, hit us up on Twitter @capsunproaudio


P.S. Brucie Bonus

If you're new around here you might have never seen this video we made during the creation my sample pack CAPSUN - Lo-Fi Soul & Future Beats. Take a look inside the CAPSUN ProAudio studio, all the cool vintage gear we got to use and our sound design process!

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