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Free Borzoni Challen Piano V.1 Kontakt Instrument - CAPSUN ProAudio - Free Samples

Free Borzoni Challen Piano V.1 Kontakt Instrument


We're pleased to offer our first FREE multi-sampled Grand Piano for NI Kontakt 5+. 

The Challen Baby Grand Piano dates back to the early 1950's and has been in our family ever since. This once loved piano has now started to show it's age but we've always loved it and recording it was a pet project for us. Yeah, it's old and slightly detuned and there's some rattles and dodgy strings but we love the character that this piano has, although it's most definitely not Alicia's Keys.

This instrument was made as part of an experiment into multi-sampling using guerrilla recording techniques. If you want to find out all about how we recorded and made the instrument check out our blog

This free instrument features EQ and ADSR envelope controls as well as a selection of convolution reverbs to play with.

Download this piano for FREE and let us know what you think or send us examples of it in your productions. Tweet us @capsunproaudio


Add this free Kontakt instrument to your cart and check out as normal with no charge. You will receive your download link direct to your inbox!

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