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4:20 The Smokers Kit - CAPSUN ProAudio - Sample Pack

4:20 The Smokers Kit


Please note: This is an exclusive drum and percussion pack only.  All drum and percussion samples in the demo song are included. The melodic parts are NOT. Some extra bonus melodic content is included.

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CAPSUN ProAudio invites you into the smokey ambience of 4:20 The Smokers Kit. Roll one up, light it and breathe in the highest grade Drums, Percussion and FX. Knocking Kicks, Snares that crack, perfect live Hi-Hats, diverse filtered percussion and other worldly textures. Bags of character, forward thinking sampling techniques and carefully crafted drums.


This kit is all about quality and originality, not quantity - we guarantee every single sound has been moulded and designed and can be dropped straight into your tracks to provide either the production polish or unique spark you require. Expect to find an inspiring set of meticulously programmed Drum Loops, HiHat Loop layers and Percussive Loop Layers. Maximum versatility is the key so there are variations of most loops - without kicks, filtered, wet and dry and more. Well over 100 Drum and FX Hits are included varying from saturated Trap beats to classic HiHats with swing to the captured FX sounds of a heavy smoking session. We have also added a small selection of Bonus Melodic Samples and Loops (not in demo song).

For 4:20 The Smokers Kit we linked up with two of the hottest sound designers doing it right now - Julez Jadon & SVRN. These two highly regarded producers based out of Frankfurt, Germany utilise field recordings, expert live recording and a creative sampling approach. They are dedicated to creating unique drums, beats and sound collections. Capturing sounds in all kinds of crazy environments and turning them into the highest quality audio is their sweet spot. This collection is the perfect representation of their forward thinking approach and essential to any producer’s drum arsenal. Check out more of their work

This kit is perfect for producers favouring Hip-Hop, Trap, Soul Trap, 808 RnB, Future Bass and LA Beats. However, good quality drums are good quality drums and will add depth and punch to any electronic genre.


447 MB
15 Kicks
26 Snares
31 HiHats
9 Cymbals
29 Percussion Hits
9 FX Hits
30 Full Drum Loops
16 HiHat Loop Layers
14 Percussion Loop Layers
65 Drum & Percussion Rex2 Loops
8 Melodic Loops
17 Melodic One Shots

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