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Textures – Raw Fields & Dusty Cuts Vol. 1 - CAPSUN ProAudio - Sample Pack

Textures – Raw Fields & Dusty Cuts Vol. 1


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We are proud to bring you the second instalment in our bestselling Textures series, the series focused on innovative recording of organic audio and the creation of textural layers using high-end digital processing, lo-fi analog gear and experimental editing.

Textures - Raw Fields & Dusty Cuts Vol.1 is a shade under 2.0GB including over 100 Raw Field recordings, 60 Twisted Loops, 132 Dusty Cut One Shots and 15 custom samplers for Kontakt 4+, Reason NN-XT, Logic EXS24 and Sfz.

The collection had been recorded, curated and creatively edited by Matt Borzoni, co-creator of the ‘CAPSUN Presents’ series and co-founder of CAPSUN ProAudio. He is a mix engineer, sound designer and field recording specialist focused on the fine arts of moulding found sound into acousmatic soundscapes that are ideal for musicians looking for a truly one off sonic pallete.

Textures - Raw Fields & Dusty Cuts Vol.1 takes inspiration from unique locations around the globe. Over the past 2 years Matt Borzoni took his recording gear with him whilst he travelled through countries and time zones, capturing moments and building an audio scrapbook of his journey. Using a wide range of microphones and recorders and choosing the right one for each destination - a Rode NT4 with a high-end hard drive recorder, contact mics, a Rode NT1-A, a T-Bone Shotgun mic, a Superlux stereo condenser mic, a trusty Shure SM58, in-built mobile phone mics, a home cassette recorder and even a dictaphone! The right tool for each job - from sitting in the woods at night and standing in streams to recording the sounds of building sites and hot kitchens. From raw field recordings to lo-fi dusty captures and literally everything in between.

The 60 Twisted loops have been created to show how we use the raw audio - pitched, chopped, glitched, stretched, granular editing, side-chains and filtering. Loads of inspiring loops to layer into your production or take as influence for your own edits.

Each unique Raw folder in the collection contains:

Exterior - Various outside locations including Italian church bells, walking through echoing tunnels, rolling trucks , metallic work sites and basketball by the beach.

Interior - Internal locations ranging from grand caverns, footsteps in church and making a ferry sea crossing to domestic captures of creaking doors, kitchen work and noisy air vents.

Metal - Clangs and bangs from industrial modern machinery, strikes and scrapes on metallic surfaces, beer barrels and wires. Even containing rattling chains from a 16th century torture chamber!

Musical - Captures from urban locations such as performing guitars, pianos and flutes in the street and experimental recording of parts of traditional instruments such as a double bass neck and a piano soundboard using contact mics.

Nature - Atmospheric raw soundscapes from around the world including birds, cicadas, a dawn chorus and a real babbling brook.

Noise & FX - Diving into the strange world of ASMR we close mic’d everyday items such as old tape machines, a frothy beer, paper scrunching and electrical feedback.

People - The world’s population going about their business - schoolyards, workers, coffee shops, tourists, infants and travel.

Percussive - Gongs, spring drums, hole cutters, match boxes, drunk drumming and house keys scraped across a xylophone. Unique to chop and add to drum layers.

Travel - Out and about - stations, planes, the London Underground, boats and arriving in new towns.

Urban - What you’d hear wondering around the inner city including buskers, drunks, late night revellers, parades and traffic jams.

Weather - Perfect late night captures of rain, storms, thunder and lightning. Leaves in the forest and roaming the backstreets on a cold day.

This expansive collection is ideal for downtempo electronica, turned down rap, chill trap, classic hip-hop, future garage, chillwave, ambient house and techno, atmospheric DnB and future beats - any genre that comes alive with organic textures added to the mix.

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