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Sample Packs: What am I Buying?

A Sample pack is a collection of sounds created for you to use in your own compositions. Any product bought from Capsun ProAudio is purchased under a LICENSE agreement, you do NOT obtain any OWNERSHIP of the sounds or files therein, whether or not your compositions are released commercially.

What Does the License Mean?

Simply put, you have purchased the right to use the licensed sounds in any combination or musical composition. You have the right to release these commercially and collect royalties without any further payment of fees or royalties for such usage. As the individual sounds are licensed to you, you cannot use them in isolation or distribute them as part of a commercial project. For example you cannot sell the individual sounds as part of other sample packs or to third parties. For detailed information see the LICENCE page.

What is Your Privacy Policy?

For detailed information about our Privacy Policy click HERE

How Do I Get Free Samples?

Check out our Free Samples page or alternatively if you would like to receive our 308 MB Label Sampler as well as exclusive free content then sign up to our Mailing List. 

What Formats Do You Sell?

All Capsun ProAudio Sample Packs are sold as industry standard 24-bit 44.1 KHz Wav files. Depending on the product there is normally a range of Loops, One shots, and Rex2 formats, Sampler Patches for NN-XT, ESX24, Kontakt and more. Check the product information box for a more detailed breakdown of any individual product.

Can I Buy DVD Versions?

No. All current CapsunProAudio Samples are sold and digitally distributed online.

How Many Times Can I Download a Sample Pack?

You get three chances to download any given Sample Pack. If you have any issues then contact us and our team will be able to help solve the issue.

Do I Need to Register to Use the Site?

No. You do not need to register to view the Capsun ProAudio website, but you will have to create a user account in order to make a purchase. 

Do Different Sample Packs Work Together?

All Capsun ProAudio sample packs are carefully constructed and formatted in a standardised way meaning each one is as easy to navigate as the next. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Every file is carefully checked to ensure its sound quality and normalised to -1.7dB leaving lots of headroom to really ‘push’ the sounds. All our samples are carefully labelled with a standard naming convention that tells you what sort of sound it is, whether it’s a Loop or One Shot, what pitch it is in and what tempo it is.

Real Producers Don’t Use Loops?

For some sample packs are a contentious issue, but it is also well known that many producers from all genres of music make use of them. Our philosophy at Capsun ProAudio is that our samples should inspire you. We come from musical backgrounds of sampling. To us sampling can be used as creatively or boringly as plucking a guitar string. For us the sample is only the start, the raw point where you begin. What the music sounds like at the end can be anything, it can resemble its origins or have twisted them into something totally new. And if you still don’t like the idea of ready-made Loops then every pack can be purchased as One Shots and Sampler patches so you can be completely original.

Do You Hire Producers?

Yes! If you think you can create top-quality sample packs then we want to hear from you. We’re a young, creative team who are passionate about creating interesting, credible and high-quality sounds we want to use and love. We work with producers from a range of professional backgrounds, and we firmly believe your music should speak for you. There are many ways to work with us, whether you’re an established artist, or just breaking through. For more information contact us at