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Who We Are

CAPSUN ProAudio is a boutique sample creation and sound design company based out of Brighton, UK. We are an international team of producers, musicians and sound designers headed up by CAPSUN. At the heart of our company is a real love for making music and our main focus is to inspire and spark new creative ideas. Created by musicians who know their chosen genres, our products always reflect current themes, sounds and experimentation. Never one person attempting every style but a dedicated team providing credible, useable content to the highest standard.

Our clients include Native Instruments, Novation, Akai, Propellerhead, Bitwig, Loopmasters, Plugin Boutique, Producertech & Retronyms.



Jay Pulman aka CAPSUN is a singer, producer and DJ. Combining classic songwriting with forward thinking bass music he has established himself with a prolific output of originals, remixes and bootlegs. As a sound designer he has produced bestselling sample packs, official Maschine Expansions with Native Instruments, Maschine Tutorials and heads up CAPSUN ProAudio as Creative Director.

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Matt Borzoni is the co-founder of CAPSUN ProAudio and co-creator of the ‘CAPSUN Presents’ series. As Product Manager he oversees the development and construction of all our releases. As well as a bestselling sound designer, he is also a mix engineer and field recording specialist focused on the fine arts of moulding found sound into acousmatic soundscapes.



Brighton based Kate Wild has been singing her whole life. Beginning her session career in 2012, Kate's professional topline writing and recording credits include Loopmasters, Native Instruments, Global Music Publishing, artists of Xenomania Records and brand giants Colgate and Cornetto, as well as various originals artists. Wild adds her additional creative skills to the CAPSUN ProAudio team which include shooting film, editing, photography, social media marketing, graphic and web design.

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South London based Schroff aka iLLU! is a label manager, sound designer and in-demand producer. With deep ties to America’s West Coast and roots in UK grime and rap culture, Schroff's sound is a quintessential hybrid - a complex and instantly recognisable fusion taking in Trap, Wavestyle, RnB, Dub, Jersey Club, Grime and Trillwave. Schroff has created award winning sample packs and is the creative force behind some of our most experimental and sought after sounds.

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