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CPA | Wavey Metals & Mallets - Trap Melodies

Wavey Metals & Mallets - Trap Melodies


Wavey Metals & Mallets explores the contemporary melodies of trap and rap, featuring pitched, glitched and lofi compositions. Experimentations with physical modelling synthesis, sampled percussive metal instruments, fm synths and lofi toys!

Heavily effected melodics include dusty bells & plucks, lofi chimes, reversed metallic textures and glitched mallets. Futuristic synths, wavey resonant melodies and bell-like synthetic chords. A collection of Songstarters provide more complex foundations for your tracks or raw audio to chop and slice. Over 100 melodic loops and 30 melodic one shots in total.

Plus we’ve added bonus custom drum loops, hard hitting drum hits, thick 808s and bonus synths and ambient vocals. Every loop has been meticulously key-tagged and tempo-synced.

Perfect for producers and musicians that favour Trap, Rap, Afro Bashment, Hip-Hop and Dark 808 RnB. However, the sounds will fit perfectly into Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Leftfield Electronica.

In Detail:

  • 24bit Wav Quality
  • Compatible with all DAWs and samplers
  • 543MB
  • 100% royalty free
  • 105 Trap Melody Loops including:
  • 10 Songstarters
  • 25 Bell Melodies
  • 15 Lofi Bell Melodies
  • 15 Mallet Melodies
  • 15 Synth Melodies
  • 10 Synth Pluck Melodies
  • 15 Wavey Melodies
  • 31 Bonus Sounds including:
  • 4 Bonus full drum loops 
  • 12 Bonus drums & percussion one shots
  • 6 Bonus 808 sub one shots
  • 5 Bonus Synth Loops
  • 4 Bonus Vocal Loops













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